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Marine Surveys

TCIS has a team of Master Mariners and Engineers with years of experience working on behalf of P & I Clubs, leading Insurers, Shipping Lines, Cargo interests, other third parties.

Marine Survey services include but are not limited to the below:

Break bulk loading / Unloading

We cover all services from confirming the vessel suitability, stowage plan, dunnage and securing plan for cargo loading, continuous loading / unloading supervision with report of condition and tally. This will ensure that cargo is stowed in such a manner that it would reach its destination safely. Our experience allows us to advise you confidently on what is best for your business.

Heavy-Lift & Project Cargo Surveys

TCIS is expert in determining all calculations relevant to heavy lift & project cargo loading / unloading. This assures customers of its complete attention to every detail throughout the process and its utmost care to ensure safe delivery throughout the turnkey management. We have specialized resources to cover all forms of project cargo including over-dimensional and critical loading. The feasibility study ensures that the method statement, risk assessment, performance and safety related concepts are proposed, implemented and realized effectively.

Draft Surveys

Draft surveys are carried out generally for bulk shipments for cargo quantification requested by Cargo interests, Ship-owner, P&I club or Insurers. TCIS surveyors’ expertise in accurate conduct of draft survey for different conditions.

Damage / Claims Survey

As experienced marine surveyors, TCIS perform inspection to determine the cause, nature and extent of damages occurred as the result of a casualty. The damage surveys are generally requested by Cargo interests, Shipowner, P & I Clubs or Insurers.

On/Off Hire Condition Survey

This type of surveyrecords the condition of key structural parts of the vessel at commencement, or on completion, of a charter. Relevant areas of the vessel in areas of cargo loading where damage is likely to occurare inspected according to factors concerning the charter. A bunker survey is also carried out during the conduct of this survey.

Bunker Survey

We at TCIS offer independent and accurate quantity measurement service for marine fuels oil bunkers. We provide complete documentation for each survey to support any claims leading to quality disputes. We also carry out tank measurements on both the bunker tanker and the receiving vessel prior to and on completion of bunkering.

Cargo preloading Condition & Measurement Survey

TCIS ensures cargo is measured properly and cargo volume calculated for freight payment and stowage purposes. The condition of cargo is verified and visible damages are recorded before shipment or at the warehouse or dock for insurance purposes, carriers and freight forwarders.

Marine warranty surveys

TCIS has been acting as marine warranty surveyor on behalf of underwriters, their assureds, or for self-insured clients.We assure a high quality, tried and tested service for any contract.

Our services are supported by our global network of international offices. This network is manned by professionally qualified and experienced master mariners and marine engineers. This enables us to support and service both exceptionally large infrastructure development projects and also regionally focused projects.

Ourexperts’ decades of experience, global network, high caliber personnel and our core values of independence, integrity and quality make TCIS the obvious choice for provision of your Marine warranty survey needs.

Towage approval surveys

TCIS provide specialist services for Ocean Towage and Approvals. We have highly experienced & qualified master mariners assisted at times by Chief Engineers and Naval Architect for complex Towage approvals after assessing the suitability by survey of the tug & the tow and the review of various documentations.